Celebrating the Soundtrack


This semi-annual event showcases international works of film and video with fascinating soundtracks, idiosyncratic sound design, eclectic scoring and innovative approaches to the sound-image relationship.

The Cinesonika academic conference presents the latest research in sound, music and audio with moving image, expanding beyond film and video to include games, installation, interactive media and performance. Cinesonika research is regularly published in The Soundtrack academic journal.

CINESONIKA 5 Festival, Conference and Workshops: Sept 30th-Oct 1st 2016 at Ball State University, Muncie Indiana, USA

Keynote Speaker Rick Altman


The Golden Earwax is awarded for the best sonik-cinema experience of the festival. Winners of the award:

2016 — Object by Kasia Sczcerba and Paulinaa Skibinska
2014 — Epithymetikon by Diego Capoccitti
2013 — Retrocognition by Eric Patrick & Jed Feder
2010 — Pulse by Youki Hirakawa & Tomohisa Hashimoto

Warm Thanks to Previous Organizers and University Hosts

Dr. Vanessa Ament, Ball State University, Cinesonika 5 (2016)
Dr. Adam Melvin, University of Ulster Magee Campus, Cinesonika 3 (2013)

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