Celebrating the Soundtrack


CINESONIKA will take place Thursday, July 10th 2014 at Vancity Theatre

There will be three programs ALL FREE TO VIFF MEMBERS. Non-members may purchase a 1-year annual membership for $12, which includes a free ticket to any screening at Vancity Theatre and can be purchased at the door or online. The screenings are as follows:

Experimental (94 min), 6pm:

H2T Charles-Andre Coderre (Canada) 5’40”
Quicksilver Maggi Payne (USA) 11’
Flux Kostas Makrinos (Greece) 9’
Il Vaso di Pandora Gabriele Paolozzi & Diego Capoccitti (Italy) 8’03”
Hydatos Joao Pedro Oliveira (Portugal) 13’05”
Renai no Daikyouen (Banquet of Love) Haruka Mitani and Michael Lyons (Japan) 6’30”
Dammtor Diego Garro (UK) 18’34”
Epithymetikon Diego Capoccitti (Italy) 9’09”
For All We Know Marie Hanlon (Ireland) 13’26”

Animation (90 min), 8pm:

Domestic Tranquility Maurice Wright (USA) 27’04”
Paper Garner Beckett (Canada) 2’28”
Anatomy of a Poem Rebecca Ruige Xu (USA) 3’34”
Inquisitive Vignettes Brian Hawkins (USA) 7’29”
ownerBuilt Lawrence Andrews (USA) 49’

Documentary & Narrative (93 min), 10pm:

Searcy County Noam Osbund (USA) 6’22”
The River Project Filippo Tagliati (USA) 8’15”
A Bridge’s April Alfred Dong (China) 30’
Just a Story David Chokolashvili (Georgia) 30’
Dique Adalberto Alves de Oliveira Júnior (Brasil) 18’45”

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